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$51,528  raised of $50,000


The Bobcat Athletic Foundation was established in 2017 to enhance the athletic facilities of Bowling Green City Schools, using donations and endowment income to provide athletic benefits to students and citizens of Bowling Green, Ohio.

This community initiative is an established 501(c)(3) to which any donation is fully tax deductible.  While the foundation works closely with the athletic director and coaches to determine which projects to fund, we are independent of the BG schools, and Bobcat Boosters.  

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Current Project:  Weight Room

Take a look for yourself


The space itself is quite less than ideal, but Bobcats are tough.  We have worked with what we have for decades and have built strong athletes.  Today's demands, however, require newer methods, plenty of space and better equipment.  More space for weight training is being sought out, however, one thing everyone can agree on is that new equipment is a definite need.


The Current Equipment

Not much has changed since this space was originally outfitted.  If you are an alumni, rest assured most of your old favorite and absolute hated pieces are still being used only with more rust and duct tape.    It's well known that football coaches in the 90's joked to their new assistants "not to worry, the equipment would soon be replaced."  It's 2023 and the same old equipment continues to decay. 


What Can We Do ?!?

Below is a list of equipment that was requested by the current athletic director.  The new equipment is top of the line and meets the needs of all of the major sports programs at BGHS.  If we hope to compete with Perrysburg, Anthony Wayne, and Otsego we are going to need athletes who are faster and stronger.  Take a look below at the equipment your donation will be used to purchase.​

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Requested equipment is made in Newark Ohio and already has our colors.  Straydog Strength uses a mix of innovation and modular design to tackle the needs of today's athlete.  The price tag for the entire requested outfit is 50K, and will bring a much needed energy to the current and future space.  Major donors ($500 or more) will be recognized with a special plaque in the weight room.  

Weight Room full list and  estimated cost


Double cable pulley + accessory grips $6000

Hyper/glute GHO Combo $3800

Additional sets of soft jump boxes $3600

Replacement dumb bell storage racks $4000

Lat pulldown machine $3200

Replacement benches (8) $8000

Additional misc storage $10,000

Slam ball + medicine ball sets + storage $5000

Three Way Utility Box x 8  $3500

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Foundation Board Members

President - Ryan Phipps '00

Vice President - Scott Seeliger

Treasurer - Nate Spitler '99

Secretary - Brittany Dunn-Wilson '06

Tim Dunn '80

Matt Karaffa

Kelsey Mohrmon '09

Ron Nickey '72

    All donations are tax deductible as the Bobcat Athletic Foundation is an established 501(c)3.  Return to top and click DONATE if you are ready.  If you prefer to make a donation by check, please make check payable to "Bobcat Athletic Foundation" and send to 131 E Court St. Bowling Green, OH, 43402  


    Join our facebook group for updates on current projects.


    131 E Court St, Bowling Green, OH, United States, Ohio

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